Welcome to the site and landing page for AlmatheBaker.com. if you are visiting our site you are interested in getting the very best and most delicious and tasteful baked goods in Orange County. You have come to the right place because our team of professionals have the skills and background to get the job done no matter what type of baking need you may have. Perhaps you are a small restaurant or coffee shop and need to scale up a solution that allows you to sell consistently tasty baked goods to your customers day after day. We can help you with that and we can service you no matter how big or small your orders May be.

Do you need 300 blueberry muffins by tomorrow? We got it. In many cases we can even deliver. Do you need a hundred and fifty scones or perhaps custom quiches or apple pies? Perhaps you think it's impossible to get anyting that might be worth it on such short notice. Give us a call send us an email and we can work out a price and a solution that works for you.

Being a great baker is not just about consistently producing quality Goods it's about having the creativity persistence and dedication to make a baked product that is unique and unlike anything else you'll see an Orange County or the Los Angeles area. We consistently provide a product that is Far and Away better than what you will receive at any other place.